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Frequent Diner

Here are the exact plan guidelines:

Each calander month on your 1st visit you will save 10% instantly.

On your 2nd visit you will save 15% instantly.

On your 3rd and all subsequent visits for that month you will save 20%. It's not uncommon to see a party of 6 get a bill for $100 and save $20 on the spot, deducted immediately. Now that's powerful.

It's that simple. The savings are usually $100's of dollars per year. The cost of your card is usually realized in about *3 visits.

Here's what you "may not" use your Frequent Diner for:

Catering to go menu. (this is our selection of entrees packed in larger quantities and already deeply discounted).

In combination with other coupons which we may occasionally run.

Any specially organized large parties planned in our dining room such as wedding rehearsals, large birthday parties, anniversaries, etc. that are specially event priced.

Any party party over 6 people.

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