Frequent Diner Card

Johnny's Exclusive Dining Program

Cost: $19.99 one time, never a renewal fee.

Frequent Diner Program is now closed to new enrollment

Please check back for updates

We'll even guarantee your Frequent Diner Card purchase. If during the 1st 6 months, you are not satisfied for any reason, we'll gladly refund you the price for the card less any discount that you already received.

Forget about coupons, gimmicks, false leaders and the like. Johnny's Frequent Diner Program is Powerful and simple. You will save cash every visit, simple as that. Up to 15% taken directly off your check, on the spot. Plus, in addition to your instant cash savings you will also receive:

  • FREE Dinner on your birthday
  • $10 Gift Certificate each time you accumulate $500 spending history.

So you see, the card pays for itself very quickly. And once you own the card, you're in, forever. Forget about all those "wanna be" discount cards that nearly every store in the country sells that expire in 1 year. Seems everytime you go to use it it's EXPIRED. Not Johnny's, we want you forever. You can even will it to your kids.

Many of our Frequent Diner's are saving over $500 a year. They're also loving their dining experience as it gives our servers a great chance to get to know our regular guests, a rare quality these days. The card is welcome on Carry-out orders too. Not valid on our Catering to go menu or with any special coupons.

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