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Buffalo Style Chicken Wings
"The original, no flour, no batter"
6 wings 5.49 - 1 doz. $9.99 - 2 doz. $17.49 - 3 doz. $27.49 - 4 doz. $36.98

Crab Cakes
A nice pair of cakes, dressed and drizzled with a Roasted Pepper Sauce $7.99

Wing Dings
Boneless, nugget sized pieces of fresh chicken tenders served Buffalo Style.
Half pound $6.99 - Full pound $12.99

Clam Strips
Tender strips of golden fried clams with horseradish or cocktail sauce $4.79

Fresh plum Roma tomatoes, diced and seasoned to delicate perfection. Served with Focaccia baguettes $6.49

Garlic Bread
$1.59 with provolone $2.08

Homemade Soup of the Day
Cup $3.29 - Bowl $3.99

Cheese Wedges
We make our own using the finest Monterey Jack cheese. Regular $6.49 - Large $11.59

"The Sampler"
half pound of Wing Dings, 4 cheese wedges and an order of Bruschetta. A great appetizer for 4 to share $12.99

The larger New Zealand variety, sauteed with your choice of sauce; spicy Fra Diavlo or white Lemon & Wine. Dozen $9.99 - 2 Dozen $17.99

Black Rope Mussels
The smaller sweeter variety served in a 1 pound portion. Choice of spicy Fra Diavlo or white Lemon & Wine $9.99

Enjoy your Mussels over a bed of Linguini for only $3


Grilled Tossed Chicken
Our tender, fresh, grilled chicken breast spread across a bed of Iceberg lettuce greens. Served with honey mustard on the side $9.99

Grilled Chicken Caesar
We create our romaine Caesar salad, then adorn it with fresh marinated grilled chicken breast. Chicken $9.99 Steak $11.99

Tossed Salad
Small $3.49 - Medium $4.99 - Large $6.99

Antipasto Salad Chef Salad Greek Salad
Small $6.49 - Medium $7.99 - Large $9.99

International Salad
Small $6.99 - Medium $8.99 - Large $11.99

Prices are subject to change without notification.
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